List of E-learning trainings dedicated to composites

General knowledge of composite materials

For level : initation

Discover in this training the essential knowledge to acquire the right safety reflexes in the field of composites. Be able to identify all the elements that make up a part made with these technologies. Discover all these transformation processes with a focus on RTM and Infusion technologies.

Plateform access 3 weeks 

RTM & Infusion

For level : Advanced

Get the knowledge related to safety in the composites business. Deepen your knowledge of RTM & infusion technologies thanks to the exercises to be carried out with the equipment of our boxes. The Composites Expert software, functional memory, will allow you in this educational approach to make the right decision in your technological choices.

Plateform access 10 weeks

Composites Thermoplastics

Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels

Composites Academy has developed the e-learning course: Thermoplastic Composites with the support of Europe through the EIT Raw Materials. Committed to providing a unique educational pathway, the training centre has called on numerous partners to participate and support this project. To introduce thermoplastic polymers, Composites Academy called on Michel Glotin (former Scientific Director of Arkema materials, well known in the polymer community) to co-write this module.

 From this collaboration, a unique pedagogy was born. A new graphical representation of polymers in space allows to observe their transformations and behaviour under the action of heat. The creators of this course have ensured that understanding also involves observation, thus facilitating learning. From the scales of polymer organisation to the rheology of thermoplastic composites, via thermal history or crystallisation, these numerous courses enable the student to understand the phenomena at the origin of the properties of thermoplastic polymers and the conditions of their implementation. This tool enables the learner to choose the right polymer to meet the constraints of his specifications.

 To assist the user in his industrial or academic project, Composites Academy has developed a software that integrates a database of the most commonly used polymers in the field of thermoplastic composites. The learner will receive with his training (optional), an indispensable box to experiment and develop his knowledge of polymers and thermoplastic composites.

 Stamping technology is one of the modules related to thermoplastic composites. Developed in partnership with the company Daher. The latter has provided experts and technical, logistical and technological resources to validate this course. The entire module is structured so as to follow the path of a blank through the entire production chain: from the storage of the raw material to the finishing of the part, including the heating of the organosheet and the design of the tooling.

 You will find in this module all the notions intrinsic to this technology. The start-up has developed a stamping simulator with 3D elements supplied by Pinette PEI, a machine tool manufacturer.  Thanks to this, the learner immerses himself and has fun stamping all types of blanks, advised by the software according to the chosen materials. The application guides and accompanies the user to the correct machine settings. It also allows the user to calculate the production rate or the type of press needed to stamp a series of parts.

 In order to perfect its teaching methods, the start-up has enriched its courses with graphic animations, voice-overs and interactivity, making it easier to maintain the learner's attention. Other training courses relating to automated removal, overmoulding and welding will be available soon.

Prepreg composite materials processing

This course offers comprehensive training on the production production line for a part made from prepreg.  The course covers a range of topics and is enriched with the appropriate professional vocabulary. It details all the technological stages involved in the production of a part, and is illustrated by a demonstration part designed in collaboration with aerospace manufacturers. Six chapters specific to this transformation technology describe almost 400 business rules to be acquired and mastered in an approach linked to the quality indices required for the transformation of prepreg parts in the aeronautics field.

Access to the training platform: 3 weeks,

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