Innovative learning methodology for the transformation processes of composite materials for the industrial world and its teams.

Jean-Pierre Cauchois, president of the company Composites Expert, presented at the Sampe 2020 E-Technical Day the concept of his online training courses dedicated to the composites industry, "the Composites Academy", as well as the development of a case study (a carbon epoxy box) intended for the aeronautics sector.  Jean-Pierre Cauchois is an expert in RTM technology. He has filed numerous patents used throughout the world.

During this conference, our expert will not only reveal key elements of the "RTM Technology" training but also technical solutions and critical points for the production of parts. Various applications of the Composites Expert software were revealed, such as the choice of process, the calculation of permeability, the calculation of viscosity or the simulation of permeability according to the type of injection. Jean-Pierre Cauchois presented a preview of the calculation of the hydrodynamic speed of the front at the end of the injection process and insists on this point because "it is one of the first causes of failure in the process". To conclude, the RTM specialist mentions the future of his training organisation with the creation of an international exam that would be a diploma and internationally recognised.

Composites Academy team would like to thank you for the welcome we received and for organising this event!


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27 May 2024

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